Henri Jean Tolone
Chief Executive Officer - Mediation Negotiation
Henri Jean Tolone Earned a Ph.D. in Geopolitical Diplomacy in 2001
Henri Jean Tolone aims to maintain excellence in change management with Mediation Negotiation

LYON, FRANCE, November 20, 2013, Henri Jean Tolone, Chief Executive Officer of Mediation Negotiation, has been recognized for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in change management and operational optimization.

Recognized for a remarkable 30 years of invaluable contributions to his field, Dr. Tolone has found professional success as the chief executive officer of Mediation Negotiation, a business consultancy that provides assistance for companies and executives in various industries. A dedicated individual in his field, he manages teams, serves as a pragmatic adviser and travels to meet clients. Additionally, he oversees sales, marketing, strategy, change management, leadership development and the vision of the company. Dr. Tolone is also a skilled lecturer, who has held a position at the University of Geneva and other business schools.

Dr. Tolone is a beacon of excellence in his field due to a combination of his prior industry experiences and educational background, which includes a Ph.D. in geopolitical diplomacy in 2001. He also holds a diploma in marketing from the Universite de Grenoble, which he received the same year. Just recently, he was inducted into Worldwide Branding and also maintains affiliation with several think tanks, such as CDE Switzerland. In the near future, Dr. Tolone intends to expand his business and make a positive difference for other companies.

For additional information regarding Mediation Negotiation, please visit http://www.negoformation.eu

Henri Jean Tolone
Chief Executive Officer
Mediation Negotiation
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