Henri Jean Tolone
Chief Executive Officer - Mediation Negotiation
Henri Jean Tolone, At a Glance

Henri Jean Tolone is an accomplished professional with over 30 years in his profession. He shows dedication, leadership and excellence in negotiations, management, coaching, creating added value for companies, change management and leadership development. He pinpoints the most gratifying aspect of his career as being able to enable enlightened people and companies every day. Dr. Tolone became involved in his profession because of his prior experiences in the field. He was a CEO for a company, during which time he had to learn how to negotiate. He couldn't find a non-manipulative or non-scripted tool to help him, so he decided to create his own. His career has progressed ever since.

Dr. Tolone holds a Bachelor of Arts in Technical Marketing, a Ph.D. in Global and Strategic Marketing, and a Ph.D. in Geopolitical Diplomacy. He is a board member of Realise and a member of the Society of Project Managers. Upon reflecting on a rewarding career, Dr. Tolone attributes his success to his ability to recognize opportunities.

Henri Jean Tolone
Chief Executive Officer
Mediation Negotiation
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